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Apr 8, 2020

It looks like we'll be continuing social distancing guidelines and sheltering at home throughout the month of April. Today we've got lots of ideas for how to make our time in quarantine more fun, interesting and productive. Listen to learn what we're doing and what we want to try! Also, follow us on Instagram to share your quarantine ideas with the Midlife Matters community. We all need them! 

Links in this episode

The Invisible Guest on Netflix

The Favorite Daughter

Sourdough pizza dough

The Chosen

Oscars 2020

Ticket to Ride - London

Canasta app

Joy Tunes

I'm a fan recommendations

Mindy's Bertolli sauce

Julie's Trader Joe's pork carnitas - no link available, but it's found in a small shrink wrapped package in the refrigerated meat section

Marie's Xyzal allergy medicine

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